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UTC - Universal Tracking Container

The universal tracking container is an easy-to-use tag management solution. Integrate any number of desired tags on your website via a web interface and claim your independence from the release cycles of your IT. In one container tag you can manage all tags that you want to use on the website.

Your Advantage: for new tags you won’t waste any integration time in the IT. Once you have integrated the Universal Tracking Container on your website, you will be able to make changes in your user interface easily and securely. In this way, you become independent of release cycles, minimize your expenses and gain the necessary flexibility and speed for optimum management of your tags.

The Universal Tracking Container is ideally suited for the quick and hassle-free integration or extension of tracking tags, campaign tags and retargeting tags.


  • simple management of all tags
  • integration of JavaScript-, HTML-/Img- and IFrame tags
  • syntax checker for JavaScript codes
  • timely control of tag distribution
  • use of your own variables for controlling the distribution
  • define your own cookies to store and retrieve variable values
  • customized rules with extensive filter possibilities for controlling distribution
  • user interface for testing individual tags or containers
  • centralized management for multi-portal- and/or multi-language environments
  • distribution of tags also available optionally through server side includes in your chosen programming language
  • optional distribution of tags in JSON format
  • hierarchical account structure – simplifies management in a multi-portal- and/or multi-language-environment
  • usage statistics according to date, container and tag
  • rights and user management
  • workflow management