UMT – Universal Media Tracking | Universal Media Solutions

PN - Private Network

With Universal Media Tracking you are independent. This private network solution enables you to track, monitor and settle accounts for your top publishers and cooperation partners by yourself. You can further monitor the long-tail of your affiliates in public networks.

Universal Media Tracking combines all important tracking results in one interface with an integrated tracking switch. The central order manager provides you with a complete overview of your activities at all times. The leads and sales in the public networks are automatically included during updating.

Overview od Features

  • real time counting of clicks and views, statistics updated in 2-5 minutes
  • encrypted cookies (optional)
  • tracking of all online marketing channels
  • display of customer journey for every transaction
  • individually configurable tracking switch
  • postview tracking
  • integration of re-targeting technology and ad servers

Comprehensive Reports

  • centralized reporting over all networks and data sources
  • collect data via tracking switch or import
  • extensive filter possibilities
  • create and save your individual filters
  • import of data from other networks and data sources
  • two group levels
  • group by
    • day / week / month
    • campaign
    • website / publisher
    • advertising medium
    • data source
    • network
    • channel
    • keyword
  • export feature (Excel, CSV, API)
  • reports received automatically by email
  • export in PDF-Format, customizable to your CI

Flexible Transaction Management – for Precise Sales Monitoring

  • recording of sales with optional minimum charge per sale or maximum sale cap
  • combination of fixed and percentual commissions
  • commission rates on products, categories or merchandise groups
  • basket tracking
  • centralized order management
  • customized de-duplication rules
  • coupon codes, also customized by publisher, web page or channel
  • forwarding of transaction information also possible after de-duplication

Extensive Features for Operating a Private Partner or Cooperation Network

  • interface for the creation and management of advertising media (gif, html, flash, text and many more.)
  • advertising media overview and direct code access for your publishers
  • tailored advertising media for individual publishers via authorizations
  • product data, for individual publishers via authorizations (optional)
  • payment system enables payment to participating publishers at the push of a button
  • configurable login area for publishers