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Order Management

Our Order Management enables you to manage all leads and sales centralized in a single tool. This will prevent you from paying more than once for a lead or sale, e.g. when using multiple networks.

The cancellation process for all networks can also be handled completely in our tool, so you have to provide only a single file. The other network's orders will be updated via their API (if supported by the network).

The reporting is available either aggregated or per network.


  • Centralized Order-Management
  • De-Duplication-Tools (if no tracking-switch available)
  • Fraud-Detection-Tool

Reporting and Export

  • Reports aggregated or per network
  • Export the orders of all networks (Excel, CSV or API)
  • Export per network
  • Export in the network's file format (if no API available)

Centralized confirmation & cancellation of all orders

  • Update all rrders in only one tool
  • Update via upload (Excel, CSV) or API
  • Orders of other networks will be updated via API (if supported by network)

De-Duplizierung even without tracking switch

  • Import the orders from all networks per opload or API
  • De-Duplication with one click
  • Open orders will be confirmed/cancelled the usual way

Support of all important networks

  • Affilinet
  • Zanox
  • Tradedoubler
  • Belboon
  • CJ
  • Effiliation
  • etc.
  • Your network is not on the list? We will create the interface for you!